Favourite beauty YouTubers

I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and I thought I would share my favourite beauty channels with you (in a random order).

First off we got Beauty Broadcast and Beauty Broadcast Express. On her main channel Emily does make-up tutorials, hauls, top 10’s, best in beauty and much more. She makes videos about both high end and drugstore make-up. Her express channel consists of only short reviews which can be very helpful when considering bying a product.

Another favourite beauty channel of mine is Pixiwoo by Sam and Nic Chapman. If you are looking for a specific celebrity make-up tutorial or another specific tutorial (such as a wedding or prom make-up) this is the place to go. The sisters are so talented and they are the masterminds behind the Real Techniques brushes.

Then we have Shaaanxo. This New Zealander got an enviable make-up collection. I love watching her make-up tutorials and huge make-up hauls. She does great wearable neutral looks, but she also plays around with fun and bright colours a lot which I find the most inspiring.

Last but not least I love watching essiebutton. Estée doesn’t only do beauty related videos, but those are my favourites. She just seems like such a cool and fun girl, and I really enjoy watching her videos.

That’s it. Please feel free to leave comment with your favourite beauty YouTubers, and I will definitely check them out:)

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