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In this post I mentioned that something extremely exciting was happening that night and based on the title and pictures in this post you have probably already guessed what it was. Yes, I went to the McBusted concert in Nottingham Tuesday night and it was one of the best nights of my life. I’ve been a huge McFly fan since I was 14 and I’ve been listening to Busted since that time as well, so when I found out that the two bands had formed a supergroup and were going on tour while I would be in England, I had to go to one of their concerts. I went and it was even more amazing than I’d imagined it. I was standing/sitting quite far from the stage, but I could still see the whole stage, and at some point they came down from the ceiling on a flying saucer closer to where I was standing, so I managed to get a couple of okay pictures like the one above. As you can see on the second picture I bought a tour T-shirt, and I can’t wait to style in different ways. To sum up it was a night that I will never forget:)

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