Hurray for Primark

Multifarvet blomstret kjole - PrimarkRød t-shirt m. Coca-Cola print - Primark

I only brought one suitcase to England, so I did a lot of shopping the past weekend. Most of the stuff that I’ve bought is kitchen equipment etc., but I did buy some clothes (and shoes) as well, because I didn’t have a lot of room in my suitcase for that either. One of the great things about shopping in England is that they have Primark. Primark just have so much cheap stuff, and last Saturday I bought these two items. The pretty flowery dress is so me, and it was only 10 £ (90,12 DKK – 12,08 € – 16,41 $). I thought the Coca-Cola T-shirt was pretty cool, and it was only 6 £ (54,07 DKK – 7,25 € – 9,85 $). I also bought cheap socks and tights. I’m going to show you the other stuff, that I bought the past weekend, soon.

4 thoughts on “Hurray for Primark

  1. Coca-Cola t-shirt’en er sgu’ da kølig 🙂
    Spændt på at se hvordan den ka’ styles til noget mere spændende end badeferie-look.

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