Leaning towards casualness

DSC_0363 rediDSC_0359 redi

Here’s what I wore today. I’m leaning towards casual outfits these days, probably because of the cold weather. I did try out a new hairstyle today though (or a new version of an old one) that I’m going to show you later this week:)

(Jeans – Outfitters Nation, cardigan – Only, tee – Gina Tricot, necklace – H&M, wedges – Marco Tozzi)

Cold, cold Monday

DSC_0345DSC_0348 rediDSC_0346

Here’s what I’m wearing on this cold, cold Monday. Last week I had to take my winter boots out of my closet. Winter is most certainly on its way.

(Jeggings + top – Sisters Point, sweater – by Second Female, necklace + bracelet – Gina Tricot, boots – Bianco)

Winter vs. summer


I bought this beanie and these sunglasses at H&M today. I really needed a beanie to wear outside in the cold Danish weather, and I thought this studded one was pretty cute. It costed 79,95 dkk (10,72 € – 8,94 £ – 14,49 $).The sunglasses were on sale for 30 dkk (4,02 € – 3,36 £ – 5,44 $) and I really like the style. They don’t look like any of my other sunglasses. I know it’s not season for sunglasses, but in my opinion you can never have to many pairs:)

Sweatpant substitute


Hey guys. I’ve been ill about a week now, and I’m still not well, so that’s why I haven’t blogged much the past week. I’m a bit busy this week too, but I’ll try to blog anyways:) The outfit is from yesterday. When I’m ill I want to dress warm and comfortable without wearing sweatpants (I really don’t like sweatpants), and I don’t think it gets more comfortable than this:)

(Pants – Monki, sweater – H&M, boots – B&CO)

Braided bun


Hairstyle of yesterday. I think this bun turned out really pretty, and it’s so easy to do: Just make a low ponytail, make it into a regular 3 section braid and secure it with an elastic, ‘twist’ the braid into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. That’s it:)

Orange is the new black


Here’s what I’m wearing today. I think a skirt this bright orange looks best paired with all black, especially now that it’s autumn and soon winter.

(Skirt – Zara, sweater – H&M, tights – Pieces, T-rex pendant – bought in London, bracelet – bought in Paris, earrings – Spinning, boots – Reveal)

Red casualness

DSC_0278 rediDSC_0279 redi

Here’s what I’m wearing today. For me today it’s one of those Mondays where casual and comfy is the only way to go, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and colourless:)

(Jeans – Sisters Point, sweater – by Second Female, shirt – H&M, watch – bought in Paris, boots – Koi Couture)