Friday wear (I wish)


Friday, Friday, Friday. How lovely:) Today I’m just at home studying, playing The Sims 2, and watching Glee, so I’m just wearing comfy pants and a tee, but I wouldn’t mind wearing what Angelica Blick is wearing in this picture shot by StockholmStreetstyle. I especially love the skirt, and I’ve seen other bloggers wearing a similar one from H&M, but I just haven’t found it in any stores. I guess I just have to keep looking:)

Vintage Style


This book called Vintage Style (by Sarah Kennedy) was a second birthday present from my parents. It’s a book about iconic fashion looks and how to get them. It has a lot of chapters divided by different style icons, and each chapter has a style guide and a beauty guide which makes it easier to get the look. I chose to show you the Audrey Hepburn chapter (no suprise) so that you can get an idea of how the book is structured. I’m really looking forward to reading this book.



I got this delicious Dot by Marc Jacobs perfume and body lotion as one out of three birthday presents from my parents. It smells so good and the perfume bottle is so pretty. Doesn’t it remind you of ladybirds?:)


DSC_2217 redi

I was almost in desperate need of a haircut (serious split ends syndrome, you know), and I finally got around to get to a salon today. I always thinks my hair is a bit short right after I’ve had it cut, but it looks so much heathier now.

Work comes first


Here’s what I’m wearing today. I think the colour and the print on this tee look great paired with my army printed jeans. In general I like matching coloured items with army print instead of just with plain black items. Btw, I’m sorry for not blogging much these days, but I’ve been working Monday to Friday for almost 2 weeks know, and work (and school) comes first:)

(Jeans – Objects, tee – Gina Tricot, sunglasses + necklace – H&M, bracelets – Spinning, loafers – Bianco)

Too good to be true


About a week ago I went by a Danish chain chemist/drugstore called Matas and bought the four items above. The concealer from Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 H line is supposed to be good and it was on sale for 40 dkk (5,36 € – 4,58 £ – 7,16 $). I bought the mascara called Illegal Definition (also from Maybelline) because it should have the same qualities as my old favourite mascara (Define A Lash, Maybelline) that is not being made anymore. It costed 100 dkk (13,41 € – 11,44 £ – 17,89 $). The powder is also from Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 H line. The label reads: Resists shine, oil, sweat, heat and humidity. It sounds almost to good to be true, right! It was on sale for 65 dkk (8,72 € – 7,44 £ – 11,63 $). The last thing I bought is a vitamin hair mask from Matas’ own label. My hair gets split ends very easily, and a hair mask could maybe do something about that. It was on sale as well, and costed around 30 dkk (4,02 € – 3,43 £ – 5,37 $). I haven’t tried any of these items yet, but I’ll get back to you when I have:)

Army green and purple


Here’s what I’m wearing today. The blouse I’m wearing used to be my sister’s, but she didn’t wanted it anymore, so I got it:) For some reason I think army green and purple looks great together. What do you think?

(Jeans – Objects, blouse – H&M, necklace – made by one of my cousins, loafers – Bianco)

Studs and shark


Here’s what I’m wearing today. I wore my studded loafers, that I bought last December, for the first time, and one of them have already lost a stud, but I still think they’re great. I’m still very much liking my shark tee:)

(Denim jacket – Pimkie, jeans – Modström, tee – Gina Tricot, sunglasses – H&M, necklace – made by one of my cousins, loafers – Bianco)

Jump, jump, jump


Here’s what I’m wearing today. My sister (who took these pictures) and I thought these jumping pictures turned out pretty well, so I decided to post these instead of some where my feet touches the ground:)

(Denim jacket – Pimkie, pants + blouse + sunglasses – H&M, sandals – Rudi & Harald Nielsen)

Lips, lips, lips


I got these three lip products for my birthday two days ago. The top and bottom one was from my best friend and the middle one was from my youngest sister. I haven’t tried on the red lip tint yet, but I’ve tried on the pink lip tint and the lipgloss and they both look very pretty.

(From the top: Rimmel London 1000 Kisses lip tint – 500 Unstoppable Red, Rimmel London 1000 Kisses lip tint – 100 Endless Blossom, Nilens Jord lip gloss – no. 748)