Here’s what I wore yesterday. The weather was very nice and it has continued today:)

(Skirt – Gina Tricot, tee – H&M, necklace – made by a cousin of mine, sneakers – Converse)

Black eyeliner and shiny lips

DSC_1577 redi

My make-up look from yesterday. I wore black eyeliner which I don’t do very often, because I think is makes my eyes look smaller. I like this look in general, but maybe I just need to find another way to apply the eyeliner that fits my eyes better.

(White eyeshadow – H&M Savanna Midnight, lavender eyeshadow – unknown, black eyeliner – MaxFactor Kohl Pencil 020 Black, mascara – Gosh Catchy Eyes, white eyeliner – The Body Shop 05 Eye Definer, lipgloss – Nouba Sweet Kiss Liquid Lip Color)

A touch of green


Hey guys. I know there’s been many days between my outfit posts lately, but that’s life when you are preparing for your exams:) Anyways, this is what I’m wearing today. I’ll make a post about the make-up of today either later or tomorrow.

(Skirt + cardigan + top – H&M, tights – Pieces, belt – second hand, necklace – Björn Borg, sneakers – Converse)

Late anniversary post

editorial-inspiration4 (source - late afternoon)

How are you guys doing? WordPress is still acting strange, so it’s a bit more difficult to blog, but I’ll give it a try anyways. And speaking of blogging, I totally forgot my 3 year blogging anniversary on May 12. I can’t believe that it has been 3 years since I started blogging. First on Blogspot and now on WordPress. So much has happened these past years and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but overall it’s been great. I love blogging, and I’m planning on continuing for a very long time:)

Lilac and clear

Décor neglelakker 2

Have anyone noticed that there’s been something wrong with WordPress the last couple of days. Today I finally found a strange way to blog and to even see my blog. Well anyhow, I just wanted to show you these two nail polishes that I bought the other day. I don’t know the label and I haven’t tried them on yet, so I don’t know if they are any good, but I’ve wanted a lilac nail polish for quite a while know and I needed a new clear one as well, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Summer party outfit inspiration

Summer party outfit 1Summer party outfit 2

I thought I’d put together a couple of looks as inspiration for coming up parties. I have worn something similar to both looks at summer parties earlier on, but I still think they would be suitable for this summer. The first look is based on one of my favourite summer dresses. The spaghetti straps and the light material is perfect for warm summer weather, and it is perfect for dancing as well. The wedges sandals are perfect for both parties and everyday wear. In the summer I like to wear my hair up because of the (hopefully) warm weather and also especially at parties where there will be dancing. It doesn’t have to be a boring up-do, but for example a double pony-tail or a hair donut bun as in the second look. The second look is based on a cute little jumpsuit which is also perfect to move around in. A pair of matching heels and some pretty pink lips and you are good to go:)

Almost summer


Here’s what I wore two days ago when I spent the day in summer-house with my family. My grandmother made the pants, and when she stopped using them herself, I got them. They are one of the most comfortable clothing items I own.

(Pants – second hand, tee – H&M, necklace + bracelet – Björn Borg, sneakers – Converse)

Only Teardrops

DenmarkThe Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Day 1 Rehearsals, Live Semi Final 1 and Photocalls

I spent all day yesterday in summer-house, so I didn’t get any change to make a post about the Eurovision Song Contest which took place Saturday night in Malmö. I watch the contest every year, and of course I also watch the Danish contest to find out who is going to represent Denmark in the huge European contest. This year the Danish population and jury had definitely chosen the right song to represent our country, because it turned out to be a Danish victory for the third time in Eurovision Song Contest history. Congratulation to Emmelie and the rest of the Danish team for a great song and a spectacular performance.

Boxy bag


My mother gave me this gorgeous bag about a month ago. I think it is so pretty and it has kind of a vintage feel to it which I really like. I haven’t found the perfect outfit to wear it with yet, but I will eventually:)