2 for 1

Sorte peeptoes uden hæl - BiancoUden hæl detaljer 2Sorte loafers m. nitter - BiancoLoafers detaljer

Can you believe that it’s New Year’s Eve tonight? I’m actually not a big fan of New Year’s, but I do love the dressing up part though and the fact that you simply can’t be overdressed on this particular night. So if I say that I’ll wear one of these two pairs of shoes tonight, you can probably guess which pair. I bought these shoes on my sale-shopping trip two days ago. Bianco (a shoe store in Northern European countries) had a 2 for 1 sale, so I got both pairs of shoes for the price of one pair, and luckily for me both pairs costed 599 dkk (80,29 € – 65,59 £ – 105,85 $) which means that I got them 50 % off. That’s how I like it!

Sex and the City gear

Sex and the City 1

Sorry for being absent the last two days, but I’ve been moving my stuff to my new place. Today I’ve been sale-shopping, and I’ve bought some really nice stuff that I’ll show you some other time, because right now I wanted to show you the Sex and the City gear I got for Christmas. I got the soundtrack from the series on my gift calender, and the two other soundtracks and the dvd-box was Christmas presents. Do I need to say that I’m a huge Sex and the City fan?

1000 kisses

DSC_04371000 kisses 2

Here’s my new 1000 kisses liptint from Rimmel London that I got from one of my sisters on Christmas Eve. I’ve heard good things about this particular liptint, so I really wanted to try it out. It’s kinda like a felt-tip pen, so it’s really easy to apply. After you’ve applied the colour you apply the balm for moisture and shine. I’m overall satisfied with this product, and I think I’ll buy one or two more in other colours. This colour is 300 Perpetual Plum.